Richmond Scientific Society’s Activities in Educational Support.

Some years ago we received a bequest enabling us to make modest payments towards projects, specifically in scientific education, in local schools. Recently, as a result of additional generous bequests we have become able to disburse larger sums. This is an opportunity for the Society to make really meaningful contributions to scientific education in the local community, though discharging the responsibility is a challenge.

We have contacted some 66 schools, all in a radius of about 3.5 miles from Vestry Hall. We have had a number of responses, and made some grants. Others are pending while we investigate or await further details from the school. Each request is examined and judged on its merits, and put before the Society's Council, so that only suitably planned projects with properly budgeted expenditure will be approved. Whether a member or not, if you would like to help in this process or would like further details, please let us know.


Amounts can be from a few tens of pounds to £500 or perhaps more, depending on demand.

As suggestions, we feel that STEM Clubs, or BSA Crest Awards, may be particularly appropriate activities to support, whereby students can experience the joys of science. We’re very open to other ideas which may be appropriate for a particular situation.

All we seek in return would typically be an article for our Newsletter with a couple of photos, demonstrating the result of a donation.

For guidance, the following is a short list of qualities we would like to see in a request for our support:

  1. The application must be Scientific but can be any mix of the STEM disciplines.
  2. It should be for a well-defined resource and not for maintenance, or making up for a shortage of normal funds. The detail that we would require, would be in proportion to the sum requested.
  3. We are keen to avoid providing equipment or materials which sit in a cupboard not getting used. To that end, the resource being supported should have an interested person or group within the school to monitor it.
  4. We would be very happy to contribute towards a project which is initiated and run by others.
  5. We require feedback to put in our Newsletter – the sort of thing which might appear on a school website, ideally showing students involved in the activity.

It's not just schools!  We'll consider any group or individual with the aim of promoting science education.  If you have project in mind, please get in touch; we'd be more than happy to discuss your ideas.

Support Request Form

We've created an Educational Support Request form to hold the details of your project, available here Please download it and print it out, then fill it in and attach a scan of it with your email.

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