Joining the Society

The best way to become a member of the Society is simply to turn up at a meeting and join then and there.  Alternatively you can send us an email and we will advise on how to proceed.

Membership is £10 per season which covers all 10 lectures from September to May as we have two lectures in October.  This is payable if you join at any time.  However if you join in March April or May your membership is valid for the whole of the next season, effectively giving you access to 13 lectures for the price of 10.  This is only valid once, so if your membership lapses and you rejoin you will not get the 'free' lectures.

Students may attend free of charge.

If you are a member you will receive our newsletter with write-ups of the lectures we host provided by our Secretary.  In addition you can attend any of the Hampstead Scientific Society lectures for free.

Visitors may attend a single lecture at a cost of £2 per visit.

Contacting Us

Send an email to us at