Below are our newsletters which appear three times a year.  They are in PDF format, and if you click on a link you will either be able to download and save the document for viewing, or it will open in your PDF viewer (e.g. Acrobat).

Lectures that we publish here have been written up by our Secretary, and speakers are given the opportunity to review the content prior to publication.  However mistakes can be made and any errors in a write-up are our responsibility and NOT that of the speaker


Click here for: Winter 2018 (NL102)  Consisting of:

'Applying Maths in Medical Imaging', Dr Gordon Hunter, Kingston University

'Measuring the Earth from Space (and being a woman in science)', Dr Emma Woolliams, National Physical Laboratory

'Climate Change: Science, Policy and Opinion', David Warrilow, Royal Meteorological Society

'Quantum Biology - from animal migration to future cell therapies', Alex Jones, Principal Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory

Click here for Spring 2019 (NL103)  Consisting of:

'Scanning Probe Microscopy: measurements in the nanoscale', Dr. Andrés Muñiz-Piniella Director C4AD CIC

'NMR Spectroscopy: a miscellany of molecular microscopy', Dr Paul Driscoll, Francis Crick Institute

'Things We Have Measured at the NPL', Fiona Auty, National Physical Laboratory

Click here for Autumn 2019 (NL104)  Consisting of:

'Women in Zoology', Ann Slyph, Zoological Society of London

'Forensic Science', Dr Georgina E. Meakin, UCL

'Deep Learning and Probability', Prof James Orwell, Kingston University

Click here for Spring 2020 (NL105)   Consisting of:

'Plastics', Dr Ron Bennett

'The Surface of Mars', Dr Joel Davis, Natural History Museum

'From Gout to Mad Cow Disease - My Biochemical Journey', David Perrett, Professor Emeritus of Bioanalytical Science at Barts and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary University London

'Human Longevity', David Goldhill (inspired by his book 'Longevity')